UW Customer Rebate FAQ

What is the UW Customer Rebate (UWCR)?
University of Washington and Cascadia College students, faculty and staff who were active in the 2014-15 academic year receive an annual rebate, currently 10%, based on eligible purchases made at any University Book Store location and online. The rebate is issued as a store credit, similar to a gift card, that can be redeemed at any University Book Store location or online at ubookstore.com. (Only a few restrictions apply. See below for details.)
Do UW alumni and retirees qualify for the UW Customer Rebate?
No. UW alumni and retirees are not eligible for UWCR. However, UW Alumni Association members and UW retirees do receive a 10% point of sale discount on their University Book Store purchases (excepting textbooks and technology products). Proof of current membership is required for this discount. Acceptable forms of proof include UWAA and UWRA membership cards or a Husky Card indicating retiree status. For more information on UWAA membership, please visit www.washington.edu/alumni/membership. For more information on UWRA membership, please visit www.depts.washington.edu/retiremt/uwra/.
What is the minimum purchase necessary to receive a rebate?
The minimum amount of rebate issued is $2.00, therefore a minimum eligible purchase of $20.00 before sales tax must be made to receive a rebate. (Subject to change without notice.)
How do I claim my rebate?
Once you've created an account online at ubookstore.com/uwcr (before June 30, 2015), simply keep your personal information current, and in September 2015, you will receive your rebate.
How will I receive my rebate?
Your rebate amount will be emailed to you at the address you provided when signing up for your UWCR account.
Why do I have to provide my UW or Cascadia identification number?
Your UW or Cascadia identification number is used to verify your eligibility for the UW Customer Rebate.
Where do I find my identification number?
UW student and employee ID numbers can be found on the front of your Husky Card and on your MyUW web page. Cascadia ID numbers are provided to you by Cascadia College.
I qualify for the rebate, but I don't have a Husky Card. How can I participate in the UWCR program?
If you believe you qualify for UWCR, but do not have a Husky Card, please visit the Credit Office at our U District store, call 206.634.3400 extension 308, or email rebate@ubookstore.com.
Which items were eligible for the UW Customer Rebate?
All University Book Store merchandise is eligible for the rebate, except for the following products and services:
  • Technology products which already reflect special academic pricing
  • Digital course materials and rented textbooks
  • Items purchased for resale or for which you are being reimbursed by your employer
  • University Book Store gift cards
  • Event tickets
  • Beer and wine
  • Postage and shipping services
  • Fees (including labor, charge, hold, restocking, gift wrapping, and parking)
  • Sales tax
We reserve the right to determine the eligibility of all UW Customer Rebate claims.
How is the rebate amount determined?
The rebate amount is based on the retail price paid for eligible merchandise before sales tax.
What if I return an item?
The original purchase price of the merchandise returned will be deducted from your rebate eligible purchases summary.
What can I purchase with my rebate?
Rebates may be used to purchase all University Book Store merchandise, except for gift cards and beer and wine. We reserve the right to determine the eligibility of all UW Customer Rebate claims.
Can I get cash for my rebate?
Rebates are valid for merchandise only. Rebates can not be exchanged for cash.
Is there a special benefit associated with using rebates for purchases?
Yes! Since the rebate redeemed reduces the total amount to be paid for the purchase, sales tax is reduced accordingly.
I graduated and am leaving town. Can I get my rebate now?
No. The UW Customer Rebate is processed annually and is only available for distribution in September.
I am leaving town. Can I still use the rebate while out of the area?
Yes. The UW Customer Rebate can be used for online purchases at ubookstore.com and telephone orders at 1.800.335.7323.
I found some of last year's receipts? Can I include them now?
No. Deadline to add a receipt was 06/30/15.
I am leaving the area and am unlikely to use my rebate. Can I give it to a family member or friend?
Rebates are not transferable. Rebates can be used for online purchases at ubookstore.com and telephone orders at 1.800.335.7323.

By creating your UWCR online account, you authorize University Book Store to obtain information from the University of Washington or Cascadia College verifying your customer rebate eligibility. We reserve the right to determine the validity of all UW Customer Rebate claims.