A Fire In The North

A Fire In The North

by David, Bilsborough

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Five hundred years ago a huge force defeated an evil, supernaturally powerful tyrant who terrorized and ravaged those who cowered under his lash. Now, terrible news suggests that someone or something is preying upon the northern lands, threatening to once again darken the lives of those who still remember the horrific past.
A small, motley band led by a brave warrior and a visionary priest has finally reached the land to the north. They have seen wonders and endured terrifying experiences, barely escaping from a dizzying series of perils, magical and otherwise. But the direst hazards lie before them as they approach the dread power that is terrorizing and enslaving all who oppose it. Finally, the Wanderer, fated to face the ultimate test, will confront his destiny. A world and its trembling masses await the outcome.
Fresh and powerfully told, this epic tale will satisfy fantasy readers as few other legends have done.

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Product Details

  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: TOR BOOKS
  • ISBN: 9780765321213
  • Publication Date: 07/21/2009